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We make it easy to deploy employee equity plans that create a culture of co-ownership.

Currently we offer plans based on Exit Geared Stock Appreciation Rights. Want to learn more about equity plans and SARs? Leave us your e-mail address and we will send you a one-pager.

Easy to setup
Easy to manage
No lock-in

Win the War for Talent

Our platform enables companies to attract and retain talent by offering a timeless key to success: ownership. We currently offer 1 product. Much more is to come. Leave your e-mail address via the contact page and we will keep you updated.

Share success and create engagement via our platform.

Save money.

More efficient than your lawyer. One time fee of € 2.400,- and € 120,- annually. No surprises.

Save time.

Can be created in half an hour and is easily managed online, meaning you don’t lose time that could have been spent on creating value.

Accelerate growth.

Show company performance so employees experience co-ownership and see what their slice of the company pie is worth.