We make it easy to setup your equity plan.
Open and honest. Black and white.

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Easy setup
Cancel anytime
Plain english

Attract and keep talent.

The way people work and interact with your company is changing. People want to be part of something and build together on products and services for the future. Sharesquare gives you a tool to do that!

One platform, everything you need to manage equity.

Save money.

With Sharesquare you save money on expensive law advise and accountant costs.

Save time.

Sharequare makes it easy and enjoyable to setup an equity plan for your team.

Grow together.

Easy manage your equity plans and participants. Clear overview of developments.

Manage your equity.

We make managing your equity fun.

Manage participants.

Easily manage your participants. Old and new one.

Keep track.

Keep track on progress and developments.