Smart without a lawyer

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a labyrinth of information and choices when considering an equity based incentive plan. Not to mention the hassle of legal contracts and notaries.



We changed the game. Sharesquare offers an online platform for effortlessly creating, deploying and managing a virtual equity plan that motivates people towards great results.



Discover the ins and outs of virtual equity and set the basics of your own plan. If you want to, we will say hi and guide you through.

What you get:

  • A playground for setting up a virtual equity plan
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • An introduction call with us (if you want to)



Generate the contracts and discuss with us the best way to roll out our plan. We are there to help or to change anything you might want to.

What you get:

  • Advice from our specialist on your plan
  • Legal documentation underlying your plan
  • Help with onboarding participants
Set up fee:
All-in for € 2.900,- (ex. VAT)


Try out scenarios and invite people to an own dashboard to follow the progress. For any questions, they can just give us a call.

What you get:

  • Paperless agreements
  • A platform to manage allocations
  • (Legal) helpdesk for everyone
User subscription:
€ 10,- per month (ex. VAT)

About virtual equity

A virtual equity plan works in the same way as a co-ownership plan through ordinary shares. The goal is to motivate and reward people. The key difference is the legal nature, making it much more flexible for entrepreneurs and accessible to people who cannot or do not want to invest in stock directly.


About the platform

We often see that incentive schemes and equity plans are made unnecessarily complex and challenging to understand. Through our online platform we aim to educate entrepreneurs, help them make the right choices and use the plan as an active medium for communicating progress.

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